About C2F

C2F is a swiss communication design studio founded 2006 by Cybu Richli and Fabienne Burri. We provide solutions in visual communication for clients in the fields of culture and commerce. Personal commitment and passion are our basics. We offer our clients unique solutions: critical thinking leads to the creation of new and innovative design.


We work as a team. Depending on the requirements of a project, we complement our team with a well-organized network of specialists in printing, filming, photography, illustration, product design, programming, research, strategy, copywriting, etc.


We have received several awards and grants for our projects, including the Certificates of Typographic Excellence from the Type Directors Club in New York, and the ADC Young Guns from The Art Directors Club New York. C2F are also represented in the selection of The Most Beautiful Swiss Books organized by the Federal Department of Home Affairs. More Awards and Grants



Editorial Design

– Books

– Magazines

– Reports


Editorial design applies to books, magazines, newspapers, journals, and electronic devices such as Smartphones, tablets, and computers. To us, editing means giving shape and form to content. Our knowledge and experience go into devising design solutions for your specific needs and subject matter.  



– Analysis

– Brand Strategy

– Naming

– Corporate Design

– Print Design

– Poster Design

– Web Design


An independent visual statement makes a person, a business or an institution unique and recognizable. Every means of communication is a form of self-representation. Good Corporate Design is generated by a system of rules for the use of lettering, images, materials, etc., specifically tailored to meet individual requirements. We develop the building blocks that ensure unique, flexible Corporate Design systems for our clients. We work together with clients on defining a strategy for creating and communicating their identity.


Information Design

– Design Research


– Knowledge Visualization

– Orientation Systems

– Signage

– Visual Systems


We live in an age of information overkill, where it is sometimes a challenge to see the forest for the trees. This calls for efficient, clearly communicated solutions. We work out visual systems that offer new approaches to easily comprehensible communication and orientation. We come up with results that are as aesthetic as they are functional, results that are compelling and reach their target.