150 year Matthaeus Church

Reformed Church
Identity, exhibition and poster campaign for the 150 year anniversary of the Matthaeus Church in Lucerne.

Starting position for the poster campaign is a picture of the church. Similar to that used for the opening ceremony 150 years ago – instead of a copper engraving, today it is a 3D rendering. Additional to that, ten images illustrate the basic values of the reformed church. For the campaign this image motifs were screen-printed on each other in different combinations and colors. The result is a serie of posters with more then 20 pieces.


The concept of the exhibition refers to the architecture of the church. Six stations show the history of the reformed community in Lucerne, the construction of the church and its development until today.


F4 (895 x 1280 mm)
Print: Screen printing
Design: Cybu Richli, Fabienne Burri 


Exhibition architecture: Christian Horisberger
Scenographie: C2F in collaboration with Christian Horisberger