Commerce Art

Product Posters Now and Then
Commerce Art was presented by Cybu Richli and Fabienne Burri at the Weltformat Poster Festival in Lucerne. An exhibition and publication about product posters from now and then.

Commerce and art – this combination may be disconcerting to some people. The two realms may not seem to be an ideal pair, considering the economic objectives of the former and the artistic individuality of the latter. However, the history of posters shows that the combination leads to extraordinary and exciting results. Extremely compelling and artistic posters once graced public streets and walls.


Nowadays, streetscapes are all too often dominated by visually uninspired posters. Cybu Richli and Fabienne Burri (C2F) deplore the lack of artistic input. Is it really no longer possible to create first-rate posters of great artistic quality for commercial purposes? C2F decided to try to find answers to that question.


The selection of contemporary, commercial posters in the exhibition testifies to artistic quality and distinctiveness and clearly demonstrates that it is still possible to make high-quality art for commercial clients. The selected posters come from all over the world and their makers range from individual graphic artists to large-scale agencies: Eboy (Berlin), Jianping He (Berlin), Jung von Matt Donau (Wien), KNSK (Hamburg), McCann Erickson (Dublin), Ogilvy (Singapore), Out of the Box (New Dehli), Stefan Sagmeister (New York), Sulzer Sutter (Zürich), Alex Trochut (Barcelona), Rick Valicenti (Chicago)


Edited by Cybu Richli and Fabienne Burri
Softcover, 96 pages, 165 x 235 mm
Text by Bettina Richter, Museum of Design Zurich
C2F Publishers
ISBN 978-3-033-03137-1


Exhibition at Weltformat Poster Festival Lucerne

Initiation, Curation, Conception: Cybu Richli & Fabienne Burri
Idea Exhibition Design: Cybu Richli & Fabienne Burri / CM Horisberger
Realisation Exhibition Design: Cybu Richli & Fabienne Burri
Scenography: Cybu Richli & Fabienne Burri



F4 (895 x 1280 mm)
Print: Screen printing
Design: Cybu Richli & Fabienne Burri 

Editorial Design