Museum of Design Zürich
On behalf of the Museum of Design Zurich C2F visualized information designs on the theme «Underground – The Spectacle of the Invisible». The designs explain different aspects such as transport, energy, water and buildings in comparison of Zurichs Underground.

Map: Selected buildings
Scale: 1:12500


Map: Energy/water
Scale: 1:12500


Map: Traffic
Scale: 1:12500


Information design: Buildings
Scale: 1:12500


Sizes: 1165 x 1700 mm
Prints: Offset


© Design: C2F AG • Cybu Richli, Fabienne Burri, Luzern / Offset printing: Plakatif, Stans / Exhibition «Underground – The Spectacle of the Invisible», Museum für Gestaltung Zürich, July 4 – September 28 2014 / © ZHDK

Information Design